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Cali Christ LMT # 110865

Licensed massage therapist since 1998 with over 22 years experience. Cali's training includes myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and acupressure to name a few. She is certified in Traditional Thai massage and has been to Thailand to truly experience the technique. She has spent several years working for a chiropractor and several more for a hospice organization to round out her training. But her true specialty is issues of the feet using the myopulse and acuscope machines. For over 10 years Cali worked doing in office therapy with podiatrists. The most commonly treated issue was plantar fasciitis. She also holds a certification in personal training, has completed a triathlon, and did CrossFit for seven years. Currently her athletic attention has turned to Pilates. This has made her keenly aware of how sports affect the body, how much we need movement and how we need to listen to our bodies when they are injured. 

What are the myopulse and acuscope?

The machines scan tissue. They identify abnormal tissue function and repair it. The tissue repair happens at a cellular level and allows it to heal at an accelerated rate. The client usually feels no more than a light sensation at most. This is because the machines use electricity no higher than what we have in our bodies. The treatment is simple, safe, and highly effective. It is FDA approved


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Plantar fasciitis relief

One hour treatment using the microcurrent machines, myofascial release, and taping. This is a very effective way to get rid of nagging heel and arch pain you have been having. We start on the machines and follow that with massage and end with taping the arch area with Tensoplast. when you call to book just let me know this is the treatment you are interested in. It is the same price as a massage. 

Raindrop massage

This technique is the combination of ancient wisdom and the latest in essential oil research. The nine different oils applied were chosen specifically for the specific properties they contain. Oregano, Basil and Thyme are antiviral and antibacterial. Cypress, Marjoram and Wintergreen are soothing for muscle aches. Aroma Siez, Peppermint, and Valor leave a relaxing and balancing feel. The massage is ended with hot towels on the back to make sure you leave feeling great!

Traditional Thai massage

This is a balancing, relaxing, and energizing massage all in one! In Thailand it is viewed a medical treatment on its own. There are three aspects to this massage; meridian work, joint mobilization, and stretches. The client is fully dressed in comfortable clothes. The work is done on a Thai mat on the floor. If you have ever felt like if someone would just stretch out you would feel so much better, this is the massage for you.

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