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One hour massage

This includes full body or just working on a specific area. Your preference may be medium and therapeutic or deeper to work on an issue just let me know $80

Microcurrent therapy

A treatment using the myopulse and acuscope machines. See the "about" page fomachines work and what issues they can be used for. $75

90 minute massage

This allows the time for a full body massage and work on a specific issue. Many athletes and runner book this to have time to address several issues and or injuries.$110

Raindrop massage

This is a one hour massage using Young Living essential oils. A specific technique designed by Young Living, it uses nine different essential oils. They are applied to both feet and dripped along the spine. Hot towels complete this relaxing and detoxifying massage. $95

Prenatal massage

This massage for the mother-to-be can help relieve a lot of pain and pressure you may be having as baby grows. We focus on areas that are causing particular problems like low back and feet especially. You are made comfortable with lots of pillows and support as you lay on your sides not face down. Feel free to book the time you need. 

30 minutes $50

45 minutes $65

60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110

Traditional Thai massage

An amazing overall full body stretch See the "about" page for a full description. One hour session $120


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