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Central Texas Pain Relief - massage therapy in New Braunfels TX

My focus is meeting the specific needs of each client. Whether you come in with a specific problem or for a full body treatment I look forward to helping each person leave feeling better.


60 MINUTE MASSAGE- This includes full body or just working on a specific area. Some may prefer medium pressure and a more therapeutic treatment. Others may want deep tissue just focusing the hour on a sports injury or chronic pain issue. Whatever you decide just let me know!     $75

90 MINUTE MASSAGE- An extension of the 60 minute. This is a great option for someone who has a problem they would like addressed and still get a full body massage. No rush and everything gets attention.     $105

PRENATAL MASSAGE- Something for the mother-to-be. You will be made comfortable with lots of pillows and support. This will make your low back and feet feel so much better!     $75

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE- An amazing overall full body experience. Please see the ABOUT page for a full description.     $115

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE MASSAGE- An hour focusing on the feet and back. Nine different Young Living brand essential oils are applied to the feet and dripped along the spine. after being massaged in hot towels are applied. A wonderful way to detox and completely relax.     $90

MICROCURRENT THERAPY- Treatment with the myopulse and acuscope machines. See about page for description of treatment and how the machines work.     $70

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